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Taking pride in professionally preserving your priceless memories at extremely reasonable rates!

Hello & THANK YOU for your interest!  I transfer 8mm film to DVD (for more than HALF OFF what others charge)!

One 8mm cassette tape (up to 6 hours) = One DVD = just ten bucks!! And copies are just three dollars each!!

I will transfer your 8mm home video(s) to DVD for just $10 per 8mm cassette!  And I offer a 10% discount for orders of thirty or more tapes at a time (copies not included)! Don't worry about how many feet of film you have, nor how many hours! No extra charge for lengthy tapes! No problem if you recorded in EP (extended play) mode! I can place up to 6 hours of video (that's the max an 8mm film cassette holds) onto each DVD at no additional charge! No charge for blank tapes. Additional copies to share with family and friends are just $3 each! I do NOT use projectors! Projectors (and filming of films), and other such techniques greatly reduces video quality! For highest professional quality, I use a direct connection from my 8mm camcorder, to my computer, via a fire wire! This method insures the very best quality possible! Also, because I do NOT use projectors, your film will NOT be cut and spliced! In fact, your 8mm film will NOT be harmed at all! All of your 8mm cassette tapes will be returned to you in their same condition!

Other places charge MUCH more!! And they all send off your precious memories (they don't do it "in house")!! Plus, with the "send off" companies, they "cut & splice" your film to fit a reel; therefore, with them, you do not get your film back in the same condition.

Walgreens charges ("starting at") $34.99 per 8mm cassette/DVD - up to only two hours - (not six) for their "send off service." With them, each additional 2hrs costs $5 more. Walgreens charges "$7.99 for copies placed at the time of order." Plus, they take about two to three weeks to complete your order which gets sent to Georgia.  More pricing info on Walgreens' s transfer services here.

CVS charges "starting at" $25.99 for the first 100 feet, then 18 cents for each additional foot after 100, with a 1600 foot max; CVS charges $9.49 for additional copies placed at the time of order. CVS also sends off your film to Georgia as well. They say their service takes 3 weeks to complete.  More info on CVS's transfer services here

Walmart charges (starting at) $24.96 for the first 150 feet, then 17 cents for each additional foot, up to 1600 feet total. They send your film to Tennessee, and it takes about two weeks to process. I couldn't get a quote on copies. The tech I spoke with said he believed it was about $20 each for copies, but he couldn't find any details about it in their book/paperwork.  More info on Walmart's transfer services here.

Target - Target doesn't even offer this service at all.

Again, I only charge $10 for the same exact thing, and only $3 for copies, but I do it even better! And at just a small fraction of what others charge!  Plus, I don't harm your originals! With me, you get your film back to you in the same exact condition in which I received it! I don't send your film off, I do it myself personally, here in Pace, Florida! Plus, without losing any quality, I can put all 6 hours of your film on just one DVD, at NO additional cost!  Once more, with me, NO need to worry about how many feet, nor how many hours! Simply put, one 8mm cassette equals just ten bucks (or just $9 each for thirty or more tapes at a time), no matter how many hours or feet!  And with the direct connection I use, your film will appear on your DVDs EXACTLY how it appears on your film!  Note: If there are any blank spaces on your tapes, there will also be blank spaces on your DVDs because at this price I'm only doing "straight transfers."  However, blank spaces can be edited out for an additional charge.

At no additional charge, and unless otherwise requested, to make searching, and playback, of your video(s) easier, there will be a menu provided at the beginning, and/or end, of each DVD. Also unless otherwise requested, your video(s) will be formatted for play back on your TVs (televisions) through any DVD playing device (including BlueRay, XBox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.), and on your PCs (personal computers).; However, if you would like to edit your video(s), I can also provide them to you as an .avi, .wmv, or an .asi file (or other formats by request) for you to do with however you like.

Other services provided: I also provide photo scanning to DVD services as well. Your old home (still) photographs can be scanned for just 25 cents each and placed to DVD for viewing on your TVs, PCs, and for sharing through online social networking sites, and email, even order prints off the disc(s) from any photo processing place of your choice. Your still photos can even be made into a movie and set to music as well! I also transfer cell phone videos and photos, to DVD, too!

All DVDs that I make can be used to upload your pics & videos to your computer and online sites. Photos can be printed off the DVDs at any photo processing place or kiosk. If you have a computer and a DVD burner, you can also easily copy the DVDs as well (as I do not copyright protect, lock, nor encrypt them); so you can make and share as many copies as you would like.

I also offer a 10% "thank you for your service" discount to (both active and retired) military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and school teachers.   

Please feel free to contact me any time! I enjoy preserving your treasures! And I feel it's an honor to be trusted with your priceless memories!


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